Roscoe Village

Like many of Chicago’s early, perimeter neighborhoods, Roscoe Village has grown to be a central part of the city’s diverse, artistic community. With a rich history dating back to the late 1800’s, this “Village Within the City” has had its ups and downs but has always been able to adapt while keeping true to its roots.

Bordered by busier urban streets, the heart of Roscoe Village runs through its quiet, tree-lined blocks with its eponymous street, Roscoe Avenue, providing a “town center” vibe, with boutique stores, neighborhood bars, and sidewalks meant for strolling. Roscoe Village is a beautiful place that can boast great restaurants as well as quite possibly the best public schools in the city. If you haven’t explored it, you’re missing out!


Belmont (3200N) to Addison (3600N), Damen (2000W) to Western (2400W)