The area known as Andersonville was settled primarily by Swedish farmers in the mid-19th century—hence the Swedish name. In fact, the area just east of Clark and north of Foster used to be a cherry tree orchard! Little more than the name and a few local businesses remain of the Swedish influence, but that’s not the end of Andersonville’s charms. This popular Chicago enclave, tucked beside the busier Edgewater and Uptown neighborhoods, is ripe with action. It’s streets are full of booming local businesses and the community’s inclusiveness lends it a character that rivals any neighborhood in the city.

If you have a wide-ranging, insatiable palate, Andersonville has the restaurants to satisfy you — American, Middle Eastern, Italian, Swedish, Asian, Latin — the list goes on! This is one lovely area that should not be over-looked!


Glenwood (1400W) to Ravenswood (1800W), Foster (5200N) to Bryn Mawr (5600N)